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You want to get started as a chiptuner and need to learn the basics. This program is designed to introduce you to the world of ECU remapping.

8 hours - 990 € (VAT exc.)
Key items:


  • Brief history of chiptuning
  • Tools (Autotuner, Alientech Kess3, CMD ...) & different file providers to choose from
  • Objectives to achieve
  • Vehicle visual check & DTC read before operating
  • Terminology: basic explanation
  • Master / Slave: basic explanation
  • ECU labelling per brand and identification
  • ECU function: basics
  • ECU operations
    • Chiptuning
    • Identification
    • Read: NR; VR
    • Write: ORI, tuned, original from server (back to stock)
    • Introduction to backup file
    • Special operations (for instance: OBD unlock, Bench unlock, dyno mode): basic
  • Diagnostic
  • DTC
  • Datalogging
  • ECU methods
  • OBD
  • Bench
  • Boot
  • Presentation of chiptuning tool (Autotuner or KESS3, the only tools that we sell)
    • Tool
    • App (GUI)
    • Chiptuning and datalogging processes/steps with Autotuner
    • With a slave tool
    • With a master tool
    • Live demonstration of ECU operations on some ECU
    • How to troubleshoot an issue
    • What to look for
    • How to fill a support request
    • Live demonstration of ECU troubleshooting

Flash process in OBD
Flash ECU in Bench
Flash ECU in boot
Read and clear DTC
Perform a datalog on a dyno
Hints & tips
ECU location
Voltage per ECU family
How to keep ignition ON
Vehicle with 2 ECUs

Introduction to module 2



Price on demand only for customers that passed MODULE 1 from above or EVC Training Level 1

You have now bought your equipment and want to dive into a more technical aspect of the job by covering MODULE 1 already. Now you want to get more knowledge and gain extra experience
This module should be tailored based on each individual customer and should cover extra training for future activity as a professional chiptuner.
Keep in mind that for the chiptuners that wants to begin editing their own files (not use a fileservice anymore) we can provide editors such as ECM Titanium from Alientech or WinOLS from EVC
For both these editors our engineers can train you from basic with no experience at all (understanding and proper usage of the program) to an advanced level of editing Diesel or Petrol vehicles.

START your carier as a professional chiptuner with us.

19 years of experience
10.000+ vehicles tuned

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