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This form can be use to make request of purchase Winols Tuning File Credits from us

Software Engineer:
Dragos Voinea
Working hours:
Mo-Fr 9AM-6PM
Sat 9AM-3PM

Important message regarding downloaded mod files : Please mind Tuning Files will have support available for 50 days only! Suport request is charged with 2 credits for manual processing. 


For manual files processing please use email of request account for our fileservice. We archive all our projects based on VIN number, therefor filling out a fake or not unique VIN number, may lead to us being unable to retrieve the project from our archive and thus not being able to offer you support for that specific project. So please allow 1 minute more to enter VIN so support can be possible.

TCM turboTCM turbo  EVC WinOLS Order request for TCM TURBO Reseller projects


Choose a package from the table bellow. On the left column you have number of credits. On the right it is the price in EUR

Payment must be done in advance via paypal, IBAN transfer, Revolut or other services. Credits will be added to your account manual so keep in mind the working hours mentioned on the left column.  

price per credits packages

Our list of EVC projects is here -> EVC website <-


This data will not be stored, processed or alienated but will be used only once to respond to your request below. If you do not want to provide us with the email to answer, please call us using the mentioned phone number on the left column.


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